Golden Graduate Weekend

Each spring, Northeastern University celebrates the long-standing relationship with our most seasoned alumni, our Golden Graduates, through a series of special events.

Gold•en Grad•u•ate
1. a person who graduated from Northeastern University 50 or more years ago
2. ALL Huskies who graduated 50 or more years ago are among this distinguished group of alumni
Highlighted by the traditional practice of taking part in the Commencement procession and a special 50th reunion celebration for the milestone anniversary class, Golden Graduates are invited to take part in celebratory activities over the weekend. Revel in the history of Northeastern and Boston, reconnect with classmates, and make new memories and friends. 

Golden Graduate Weekend 2017

The Class of 1967 will be celebrating their 50th reunion May 5-6, 2017.

Point of Contact

Samantha Boland

Samantha Boland
Program Assistant