Catalyst Student Application
Catalyst Student Application
Before completing your application, please review the Terms and Conditions section below and Catalyst Tips document for valuable information and ideas.

When you are ready to submit a project for consideration, you can complete the online application below or download the pdf application form and send it to The Northeastern Fund at 212 Columbus Place, or via e-mail to

Primary Point of Contact
First Name
Last Name
Class Year:

Organization Information
Brief Description of Organization:
Organization Website (if applicable):
Faculty Advisor or Project Sponsor:
Campus Phone:
Campus Activities Program Manager:
Campus Phone:
Project Team
Please list the names, colleges, and class years of all project team members:
Project Details
Project Title:
Project Tag Line (approx. 140 characters):
Please describe your project to potential donors:
How will your project impact Northeastern, the greater community, and/or your educational experience?
When will the project take place and/or be completed?
Open the calendar popup.
You now have the option to continue fundraising past your initial goal. Please see the Catalyst Tips page to learn more about setting initial and stretch goals.
What is your Catalyst fundraising goal and how will this money be used towards your project? Please include your specific budget:
If applicable, what is your stretch goal and how would money raised beyond your initial goal be used?
A video pitch and photos are required for all Catalyst projects. You may choose to submit these materials now or after the written portion of your application has been accepted.
Digital video pitch (2 min or less): Submit a private YouTube link to your video.
Submit video later:
Digital photos (upload up to 10 high resolution jpegs):
Submit photos later:
Promotion & Commitment
How do you plan to promote your fundraiser?
Organization or project social media links: (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr)
Faculty or Staff Recommendation
Please attach a brief recommendation letter from a faculty or staff member that is familiar with your oganization or the students involved with your project. Choose an advisor/sponsor that can attest to your accountability and commitment to your project as well as the Catalyst program.
Upload file:
Terms and Conditions
  • All monies raised must be used towards the stated intention. Awarded funds may not be applied towards projects that will generate profit for individuals.
  • The program is an “all or nothing” fundraiser. If an organization does not hit its initial goal in the time allotted, the funds will not be directly awarded. The funds collected during an incomplete fundraiser will be distributed into a general fund to benefit student-life programs at the discretion of the Office of Alumni Relations and The Northeastern Fund.
  • If an organization hits their goal before the assigned deadline, they can opt to continue to raise funds toward a stretch goal. All funds collected past the initial goal, even if the stretch goal is not hit, will be distributed to the student group. These funds MUST be applied towards the stated project.  
  • Students are responsible for promoting their own fundraiser, preparing a personal thank you message to donors, submitting monthly updates on the status of the project, and upon invitation, taking part in a showcase event.
  • Projects must be completed within one year of a successful program fundraiser.
  • Multi-stage projects may be broken into multiple fundraisers if stages can be defined by a completed product, event, activity, or service.
  • The Office of Alumni Relations and The Northeastern Fund reserves the right to decline any projects based on content or discontinue an active   fundraiser at any time due to any changes in the student group’s eligibility status. 
  • To ensure compliance with university policies, projects must be approved by your campus activities program manager.
We have read and agree to the terms and conditions